Monday, 31 December 2007

It's a wrap

Finally. 2007 didn't turn out how I had expected or hoped. I am either still twiddling my procrastinating thumbs or else things that should have happened haven't, not for want of trying. It is another year of emotional ups and downs but also feels like just another detour on the train of life and that the detour having been made, and more issues sorted, it is time to move on. Well, that's me being optimistic, but it does feel different.

Some stunningly good things have started this year, seeds planted and the fruit of which will be borne in years to come. So it hasn't all been stationary. My immediate family dynamics have changed with eldest moving out, which we all seem to have survived.

Our house selling hasn't happened yet, but it must in due course. I'm half tempted to unpack our library of books and other items so that we are not in such a state of limbo living out of boxes until it happens. It seems like a retrograde step to unpack but equally, I don't mind unpacking to have a sudden sale sprung upon us and having to re-pack. Meanwhile, we can get a sense of civility back to our lives.

The Holidailies "post a day during December" project has come to an end and thank goodness for that. What a curious experience it has been! I didn't know I had quite that many words inside me, though I reckon I prefer posting less often and with more passion, or more silliness.

2008 is upon us. May it be a happy and joyous and loving and prosperous year. May the tides change bringing even better to those who already have it good; and better to those who have had it rough. And may I not be here this time next year writing the same stuff!


rashbre said...

Have a great eight! Best wishes from 'all at rashbre central' (!)

Steg said...

Happy New Year!

But you'd better be here this time next year writing some stuff, even if it's not the same stuff!

Le laquet said...

Happy New Year Doris!

Doris said...

Rashbre Thank you! A great eight sounds wonderful :-)

Steg LOL I did re-read what I wrote at the time and thought ooops that don't sound quite right! Yeah, I hope to be here-ish still writing!

Le Laquet And to you too :-) I love your new avatar - most spicy ;-)

Chandira said...

I was semi-packed for a while before we moved, and it's a royal pain. I can sympathise with the desire to unpack!!

Good luck for the move when it happens! Just think, by this time next year, you'll be in your dream house. :-)