Saturday, 15 December 2007

An ear for bluetooth?

Mr Doris treated me to a cute new pink bluetooth device for my new pink mobile phone. This device enables me to be hands free on the mobile when driving. And to listen to the music player on my phone too, as long as I don't mind it mono into one ear.

The trouble is, my shell-like is of princess proportions. Not deformed, in fact perfectly formed, but tiny. So tiny that the bluetooth device has trouble staying on my ear. With nothing big and flappy to hold it in place, and even adjusted to its "tightest" fitting it is a feat to keep it on. I have to walk with an affected demeanor as if holding a pile of books on my head; and in the car if I should turn my head suddenly, it can go flying off.

Most of all, I am concerned about Cybus Industries and the possible cybermen. [Spoof Cybus site here] What if that episode of Dr Who comes true and the bluetooth devices are being taken over and our minds are being controlled. But I suppose, I'd be OK as my device rarely stays put. I'm even considering using the glasses clip to clip the device to my ear!


Steg said...

I always thought that the fact that "in-ear" earphones always transform into "falling onto shoulders" earphones around me was down to some kind of genetic mutation on my part. It's vaguely reassuring to learn I'm not the only one with peculiarly shaped ears.
I'd give up on it, let your voicemail deal with the phone and sing to yourself!

Doris said...

Phew - so it is not just me then and my Princess ears. Unless of course you have Princess ears too?

Anji said...

I am so glad that there is someone else in this world who has trouble keeping things in their ear.

Doris said...

Hmm Anji. I wonder what sort of things you have been trying to keep in your ears?! ;-) LOL

Josephine said...

I can never keep the ruddy things in my ear too. Does that mean I have Princess Ears too?! (pretty please!)

Doris said...

LOL Jo, you can have Princes ears too! :-)

Chandira said...

You have a pink phone? How cool!

I have an over-the-head single Madonna-style phone mic at work, and I love it. Never falls off, and my fave coworker said it makes me look like Madonna.. ;-)

My pet peeve is iPod headphones, which are far too large for my delicate princess earholes.

My mum has a near-mortal fear of Cybermen. So bad, when I was a kid, she coulnd't even go out to the shed to fetch coal for the fire at night. I think that's why she got a gas fire a few years ago.