Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Dotty Doris

Doris hasn't quite worked out puppy training

Luckily, this is one of my pre-written posts. Committing to the Holidailies (and me being me, I usually have to fulfill my obligations [unless I can give a justifiable reason why I won't!]), I drafted a number of small posts this month which I was able to hit "Publish" when I chose - even during extreme mood swings! I am home now until the New Year .... but have a number of things yet to do for Christmas so will still be a bit busy. So, thank goodness for this pre-prepared post, such as it is! Later :-)


alan said...

I'm just glad to see you out and around while life gets so very very busy!

Happy Holidays, my friend!


Doris said...

Thanks Alan, you are a sweetie. Especially as I think you are pulling out the stops to manage blogging. ((Hugs to you)) :-)

rashbre said...

You are soooo organized with the pre-published posts.

I've tried to do this from time to time but my grasshopper mind always ends up with something different on the day, so I have various 'drafts' sprinkled through blogger that never see the light of day.