Thursday, 27 December 2007

Chocolate Fountain Recipes?

Guess what we got for Christmas? Not high on our list of must-haves and we're chocolate lovers! I even like a bit of melted chocolate but I don't think we can eat a whole fountain's worth of chocolate. And to add to it all, I can not eat dark chocolate as it gives me migraines. I don't want to sound ungrateful and a miserable old codger about it but that is just how I feel.

There is next to no recipe/instruction booklet and I have spent an hour or so googling all manner of options. If there are any alternative suggestions that people have actually tried .... for instance, could I make a cheese sauce - as if for cauliflower cheese - and dip in raw veggies?

How can I make the chocolate more edible, or less rich? Any thoughts/enthusiasm/encouragement appreciated.


alan said...

I have no idea; were it here I'd have to fend off the family with a baseball bat just to get a taste!

But in this upcoming Happy New Year I hope you find the answers to those questions, and may they be the hard ones for this next year!


Doris said...

LOL thank you Alan. If only the hardest questions in 2008 were to find out how exactly to manage a chocolate fountain!

But hey, why not. What a symbolic thought to hold on to :-)

Kate said...

you can use savory (cheesy) fondue recipes. Just make sure they aren't of the chunky variety.