Sunday, 23 December 2007

Christmas with old friends

This Christmas seems to be the one I have pulled my finger out and made contact with at least two old friends from decades ago. I won't see them for ages, nor have much, if any, contact for a while but I did make the effort - and so did they. It feels good.

Despite the internal dark times of the last few years, there has been a golden thread throughout that has enabled me to hold on and get through. A thread, that is my darling Mr Doris, who has been my anchor and my life buoy. A magic person, a geek God, who slipped into my life and just stuck. As much as I am magnetised to him he seems to be to me.

And then there are the friends I have in my life. Friends who are related and those who are not. All have been incredibly special to me, and even more so these last couple of years. No matter how bleak, I have not been alone.

Thank goodness for wonderful friends.

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