Monday, 17 December 2007

British Inefficiency

Argos enables one to look through a catalogue and chose, then buy through a credit card machine and then line up to collect said purchase. Not a personable arrangement but efficient in theory.

Unless you have a youth flaffing around looking like he wasn't the sharpest pin in the box. Items are banked up on the conveyor belt - so the storeroom are being more efficient than usual - whilst he walks back and forth not quite doing one thing or another.

From the right ambles over the managerial-looking mature woman who serves one person and then walks off.

I'm dutifully lined up at 'B' counter as resquested behind three others and am sure I can see my item at the bottom of the pile. Some chap walks up next to the line and gets the youth's immediate attention. Am I in the wrong line? I peer at my receipt and indeed I am doing as instructed. The youth proceeds to unload the items from the conveyor one item at a time. We are talking very small items here. He walks round in circles, looks at our line again and then continues one item at a time.

The managerial-looking mature woman ambles back again. Walks around in a circle and then also begins to shift the last few items from the conveyor. She picks up my item - by now I have deduced it is mine - and proceeds to put it on the shelf. At which point I can't wait anymore and dive over to her and tell her that I think that is my item and can I have it. She stamped my receipt so slowly. No I don't want a plastic bag to put the plastic coated item into, I just want to escape.


angryhypocrite said...

Ah yes, the soul-less nightmare of Argos, you did well to escape, many have tried and failed and are now forced to work in the mysterious 'backroom' where they fetch and carry laminated MDF furniture and unbranded DVD players all day long! ;)

Doris said...

LOL an element of truth in there?!

Chandira said...

Some people just aren't built for multi-tasking, and it's them who end up at Argos.. Here, they end up at Starbucks or Subway on a busy lunch hour.

rashbre said...

I just tune out in certain environments like airports and hotel check ins when I know I cant really do anything to speed me forward but they can do lots of things to slow me down or involve me in processes requiring rubber gloves.

I see others who are somehow trying to change the environment (I always consider them occasional travellers) and watch sometimes with amusement as they try various things with a net effect of 'nothing happens' or in some cases they are put into a worse position.

Like they Double Bass player on the tube, every joke about "bet you wish you played the piccolo?" has already been heard so I suppose in a way these folk are similarly disengaged from their environment.

I'll admit to ordering some presents from the internet this year. They still managed to be delivered when I was out but one night time trip to three separate white van depots and I've got most of the bits ready for shipment to Santa.