Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Bah humbug

Every year I say this, I don't like seeing the Christmas products in the shops in September. By the end of November the shops start playing Christmas carols and bah humbug really kicks in as I make a mad dash for the exit.

I used to love Christmas. As an adult. I'd choose decorations and make an effort. These last couple of years have been tough.

Things might change again though. I have just started a new business, alongside what I already do, that involves Christmas cards and Christmas product alongside everyday cards. Methinks I had better lose my bah humbug in favour of delight once again. So maybe by August next year I shall be singing Christmas carols under my breath and the twinkle in my eyes will be baubles and tinsel. Scary!


alan said...

Here it's not only the retailers you'd expect, but the lumber ones as well! I am always amazed to walk into Lowe's and find more Christmas decorations than some of the department stores keep!

Here's to that twinkle in your eyes!


Josephine said... are so going to be wanting Christmas to start in September girl!! lol

I like this new prolifically posting Doris! ;-)

Jo xx

Doris said...

Alan I don't think we have many stores like that in the UK (LOL except of course the huge DIY stores with their decorations as well as DIY!) but I had the privelege of visiting a small multi-purpose store just recently. With school uniforms to farm equipment it was quite a treasure trove.

And Alan, you are such a cheeky so and so, but I like you ;-)

Jo Today's post is down to you! :-)

Chandira said...

Just go rent A Christmas Carol, but make sure it's either the Muppets, or the one with Alastair Sim.

I know what you mean though.. ;-)

I just love all of it, Christmas, Hannukah, Danavira Mela, whatever else is thrown into the pot. All a good excuse to eat good food and hang with friends.