Saturday, 22 December 2007

Slide puzzle shoppers

Christmas food shopping early yesterday morning was much busier than expected. It was Sainsburys and thankfully, all very civilised. For every move made, one had to wait for three other trolleys to move first. So a lot of the time was spent stationary; amused glances across trolleys; a wry smile; partners holding trolleys looking mildly stunned whilst spouses fetched and carried; long shopping lists being ticked off; and then the occasional smart moves which allowed one to get from aisle five to aisle nine via aisle twenty-three in under three minutes. Oh yes, shopping was a game of strategy and as long as one kept some humour, it was actually quite fun.

PS. I did this "festive" Santa slide puzzle in first 113 clicks and then 82 clicks! Uh-oh computer off time me-thinks.

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