Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Monopoly, Scrabble, or Balderdash?

As a kid, I was definitely a Monopoly girl. Could never find enough people prepared to play it with me and loved it so much.

As an adult I can't really be doing with it. Maybe I am such a sore loser?

Scrabble has always been good, but love it to bits now and don't mind losing especially when there are some good words to lose against. Best of all is that our kids really enjoy it too and have always played some excellent words. Our average combined game score is between 550 to 700.

However, if there are more than four of us playing then Balderdash is brilliant fun. With an emphasis on both brilliant and fun. Each person has to make up fictitious meanings for words to try and catch others out with them. We have such a laugh and I am constantly amazed at some of the sophisticated balderdash son comes out with and has done so since he was about ten.

This is my current rating:

Monopoly 2/10
Scrabble 10/10
Balderdash 9/10 (as you need 4 or more people to make it work)


Josephine said...

Ah you know I'm still a Monopoly girl, though frankly I'm useless at it and always get thrashed by the whole family. Perhaps it's because I only have one strategy - which is to get Park lane and Mayfair and load them with hotels etc (the 'knock out blow' when someone lands there). If that strategy doesn't work, then I just end up going bust, or in jail (the last game 5 times!!).

Like Scrabble too, though haven't played for ages.

Best family game is card game called 'Cheat'. Kids adore it (and they're all such cheats!!)

Josephine said...

Never played Balderdash...but did a typo this morning whilst writing something. 'Telephobe'. Meaning, presumably, someone who hates using the phone?!

alan said...

Along with Jo, Monopoly and Scrabble here as well...

and I don't mean the "new" updated Monopoly game...I like the original just fine!



Josephine said...

Hey you know you can get a computer game of Monopoly now, and a DVD thing I think?

Doris said...

I'm all for technology and stuff, but there is nothing like getting out the traditional board and setting up the pieces. All part of the ritual of "board" games!

Except for Mousetrap! Remember that as a kid? Would take hours to set up and it never looked as fun as the adverts. (Not that we ever had mousetrap .... we were too deprived .... lived in a brown paper bag in the middle of the street .... ) LOL

Hey Jo! Telephobe is certainly a word I'd try to pull off in Scrabble (or Balderdash), but it is actually "Telephonophobia" that is the fear of the phone! Other delightful phobias are listed here including the interesting "Dipsophobia -- fear of drinking" which doesn't seem to bother me.

Tales from the Vienna Woods said...

Monopoly is only fun for the person winning. Trivial Pursuit is great, unless playing with my sister who always tells us how smart she is.
Scrabble is always fun!!

Doris said...

VW - I'd agree with you about Monopoly! Now I'm pretty smart but am rubbish at Trivial Pursuit - no wonder I didn't mention it!