Sunday, 16 December 2007

Wings of Hope

The Christmas tree is now up, the decorations adorn it and the paper chains sweep across the parlour walls. The fire has been lit (actually the gas has been opened and ignited!), the presents have been wrapped and the carpet is plush underfoot. It seems fitting to begin spreading the Christmas joy.

We were supposed to be moving this year and so, many of our goods have been carefully wrapped and boxed. But we are still here and I have had to locate boxes and retrieve some items, such as the few Christmas decorations we had kept. Expecting a new start I had let go many things including the old decorations which had no sentimental value. Of the few we have, is the word "Hope" in painted wood and with an angel stood behind it. The bubble wrapping had disturbed her wings which I didn't realise could move. So this year, I have raised the wings of Hope and they now stand proud and, well, hopeful.


rashbre said...

Good to have the tree in position, and the Angel sounds splendid.

Xtabay said...

Best wishes to you for this Christmas, and may the joy last throughout the coming year!


Josephine said...

Yep, I'd go with 'Hope', for 2008 :-)

You are sooo organised Doris!

Curly K said...

Good golly, ms molly ain't you the organised one, even with all boxed up ready for your impending move you have you tree up. As ever I'm behind on that score but i suppose it will be a case of better late than never!

sweet cheeks said...

Doris! That betty boop santa doll looks as though she's about to put someone over her knee for a good spanking. Et tu, Brute?

Doris said...

Rashbre Indeed and thanks!

Xtabay Thank you and very special wishes to you for a happy and fruitful year ahead.

Jo I think I make a good job of looking organised and so some of it rubs off on me ;-)

Curly Lovely to see you, I love that good golly Miss Molly line but suspect it is probably not PC these days. Late is always OK too - as long as there is some fun.

Sweet cheeks LOL whatever floats your boat!