Saturday, 8 December 2007

Darwin Theory

Quite what Mr John and Mrs Anne Darwin have been up to, I reckon we should be thanking the Darwins for some entertaining news this December. Each time the news comes on and the latest developments are revealed it makes me chuckle.

Why did he walk into a police station looking all dis-shevelled and offer himself up saying he had lost his memory? How does a "dead" man travel around in this world? Why were the couple so foolish as to allow their photo to be taken together a year ago, and then, presumably, allow it to be printed on a website with their real names?

Whatever was the original story, those parents have deceived their children for a year, if not more. That's pretty bad. But then the grown up children petulantly announce (if the news reports are to be believed) that they believe they are the victims of a large scam and are alleged to have said they do not want anything to do with either of their parents now! What happened to standing by close relatives no matter what they have done. What if roles were reversed - the parents would be criticised for abandoning their kids.

What must be the cost of all this reporting and police efforts? Certainly much more than the £100k insurance claimed. I wouldn't be surprised if the script writers and film producers are out there now ready to snap up the story even as it unfolds.

In eight years time, after the court case and prison sentences* I expect we'll see Mr and Mrs Darwin on the couches of all the major chat shows of the world talking of their adventures. A couple of years later as a couple on "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here", or perhaps "Celebrity Big Brother" first.

Meanwhile, thanks for the entertainment.

* Fraud usually has a stiffer sentence than an habitually drunk driver killing someone.


Josephine said...

Yes, you couldn't make it up could you? Apparently, according to the papers today, he actually moved back in with the wife little over a year after he disappeared, and decamped to a next door 'bedsit' every time the sons or friends came to visit. So this has been going for years. One of the sons took his father's 'death' very hard, they say.

Should the sons forgive? Well, I can understand how they must feel...if indeed they weren't involved (or is the mother pulling one last stunt here to protect them?!). The way this is going I wouldn't be surprised at anything...!

Frankly if a novelist wrote this stuff you'd read it and say "Nah...."

Doris said...

Following on from what you have said, and the revelation that Mr Darwin was living in the next door bedsit, I love one of the newspaper headlines:

The Liar, The Witch and The Wardrobe

He being the Liar, she being the Witch and the Wardrobe being the bedsit next door.

Nah, you couldn't make it up!

Doris said...

Oh yes, I too also wondered if Mam was protecting her boys by saying that Paps was hiding and they knew nothing.

Anonymous said...

Hello there Doris, just thought I'd say hi and thanks for the comment on my blog :) It's always nice to converse through Battle of the Blogs. Good luck with your blog in the future - you'll be getting my vote! :D

alan said...

That line after your asterik is very telling isn't it? Killing someone is less a crime than ripping off a company?

Sad, sad statement on our world!


Janes Insane said...

That is definitely in the top 10 bizarre stories of 2007! I'd be pissed off if I were 1 of their kids.

It really is a tragedy that drunk drivers are dealt with in a lighter manner.

Doris said...

Rache Very kind of you - but you won! I might have to go off and sulk but I won't .... well done :-)

Alan Indeed, it is a sad statement on our world. I thought it was worth mentioning as I have seen that over and over and just wonder how it is possible that a crime involving someone's money can carry more penalty than a loss of life.

Jane great to see you here again! If ever I thought my life was a mess I just need to listen to that story. Was the £100k worth all the subterfuge and how long does a bit of money like that last - not long enough I reckon.

A very accidental road death is awful and tragic but someone who repeatedly drinks and drives, and kills, gets the same "lighter" sentence. Bizarre.

rashbre said...

I agree with the bizarro nature of this. You are right about the accidental celeb nature that this will create I expect Mrs Anne is held over in Florida cutting deals with agents right now.

Thanks for the 'reference back to you story. I shall watch your comments too!

Best rashbre