Wednesday, 2 January 2008

A Blank Sheet

2008 is a blank sheet. A gorgeous sheet of sumptuous paper ready to be writ, drawn, painted and doodled. Plans, aims and goals. Singing of love, happiness, health, joy AND prosperity. On the eve of 2009 I want to be taking this precious sheet of paper covered with exciting words and pictures beyond all expectations and placing it proudly in the scrapbook of my life.

Those are the first words on my sheet. Bring it on.


Josephine said...

I want to write on your sheet too honey.

From Jo:

May 2008 be full of unexpected joy, of fulfilment and success for you Doris. May you surprise yourself with what you are capable of and what you achieve in all areas of your life. And may you get from those around you the love and support that you have so freely offered others in the year that has past.


Marc with a "c" said...

Doris, I LOVE the comment about "saccharine" you left me. That's actually a terrific metaphor for me.

If you pin me down, I have to confess that I'm really looking forward to 2008. I hope yours is even better.

Mike Hitchen said...

Happy New Year to you Doris. Have a safe and healthy one

Doris said...

Jo I will treasure those words on my sheet :-) Thank you!

Marc with a "c" LOL so you are a sweetie really despite the tough exterior! Thank you for your sentiments - I reckon we have to start now to make this an excellent year! (Marc with a c's blog:

Mike It certainly has been a few years! Thank you for your good wishes too :-)

Trudi said...

All the best for the new year. I hope it's a good one.

alan said...

Settling into my life again finds me here to echo Jo's wonderful wishes; may the Happiest of New Years belong to you and yours!


Chandira said...

Add me to what Jo said!

What an awesome picture to conjure with, there's nothing more satisfying than taking a good pen and writing on a nice smooth piece of new paper! :-)

Thursday said...

What a great post, a splendid start to the New Year. I too hope you fill the blankness with all sorts of colours and cheery words.

Doris said...

Trudi Thank you :-)

Alan Awww Alan, you have given me more than my fair share of good wishes! Nevertheless, I shall make the most of all of them and will bounce some of that goodwill back :-)

Chandira yes - know what you mean. But as long as I am not stuck with that ... "can't mess this up" thing which then stops any writing/marks whatsoever. Nothing like a good pen on good paper.

Thursday Thank you too - makes me smile. I am so glad you have commented because... VERY IMPORTANT I can't access your blog without becoming a Wordpress member. Do you really want everyone to have to do that? If you do, then I have to consider what to do next. Meanwhile, I have voted for you for the Photogrpahy section of the blog awards ... and with the Wordpress thing, it makes it very difficult for anyone else to view your blog unless they are Wordpress. Please let me know here what the situation is to be. Many thanks!

Anji said...

May you write and draw lots of lovely colourful things on your blank sheet. Will you start at the top, the bottom, in the middle, to the right or to the left?

rashbre said...

rock on