Friday, 24 February 2012

All change, once again

They say life is a roller-coaster which I think is a rather good analogy. Mine is currently a complex arrangement with many different lines and different platforms and in just one day I find myself having to get off and change platforms pretty fast and then on with the next ride. Some of it is interesting and exciting and fun and some of it is plain hard work. Some are frustrating as anything and some are just an uphill slog. As long as I keep my head then I can swan from one situation to the next. The downhill bits are often breathing out in the calm comfort of Mr Doris' arms. Then it is back onboard and get on with it.

My son left home and then he was back in a week as someone else changed their mind about something. My daughter had a fab job offered to her and then someone else changed their mind and the job offer was withdrawn. As parents we keep on picking up the pieces and coping and encouraging whilst driving articulated lorries through our own lives and desires. Daughter is old enough to appreciate that whilst son has not yet found the benefits of being suitably appreciative and I am finding it difficult to think nice things about him.

Then there are the things I am doing of which I am really proud. There is my own work which is developing and in one week have also had extra work with two different businesses plus my new part time job which was the fabby job I had last summer before I gave it in for the other job that went pear shaped. How amazing it was when I was asked back and I am so glad I did not burn my bridges with them. I'm also involved in a new business proposition with a few friends so we shall see how that goes. And then I am doing my Florence Nightingale thing and helped with some bandages on the projects of others.

No surprise really that I have times where tiredness and exhaustion catches up with me. It doesn't help when I wake up at stupid time in the morning and am then awake before I even have to start my day. Thank goodness I have no work booked for this evening so I can call this day quits at a reasonable time.

Happy Friday :-)