Saturday, 22 December 2007

Two colour napkin folding

Utterly anal ..... or should I say phallic?! Having washed and ironed the linen for the Christmas table I turned my eye to Youtube and napkin folding. I found this great vid for folding a napkin candle and then adapted it by adding a small red paper napkin. Doesn't take a brain surgeon to work out where.

Should make an interesting talking point on the Christmas table, especially with the teenagers and Grandparents. The latter who will, no doubt, make the lewdest jokes about them.

They even stand up, so I'm thinking about adding some tinsel round the bottom ..... plus a couple of Christmas baubles would be too much of a temptation :-D


rashbre said...

I think the glass baubles will add a certain amusement to the ensemble.

Have a great Christmas!


Josephine said...

You are just tooo organised tooo early Doris!! lol

Very nice honey :-)

Doris said...

Thank you Rashbre for your thoughts on the baubles. Hee-hee.

I may appear to be organised Jo, and indeed it is scary that the napkins are ready folded and put away for the big day; the pudding tray with the packets of sweets and the dishes and spoons are laid up and put away; but have the major job of improving the dining room and moving boxes to other parts of the house; making paper chains for the room but best of all .. have a big Tiramisu to make later today. That means opening the Tia Maria ;-)