Sunday, 17 July 2011

New beginnings

That last post, written on that Saturday, reflected where I was at on my career front. It was upbeat and hopeful and positive. Within 24 hours of writing it - yes, on the Sunday - I received an email out of the blue offering me a part time job with benefits. The benefits were the training being offered and this training was what I was hoping to do after I completed another year at college. Thereby short-circuiting the year of college. The job offer was coming from the work placement I did a matter of weeks previously so I knew full well what the deal entailed and as I sat there during my work placement I had said to myself "I'd love to have a part time job like this" and then thought no more of it!

The negotiations have progressed and I do my first bit of training tomorrow. By September when I would have been starting college I'll already be a practitioner of IPL hair removal, thread vein and pigmentation removal. Building up the priceless experience. Then there is other training I will be doing which will involve electrical facials and could involve laser work. I'm especially wanted for my writing and grammar skills so will have a sideline in helping them with their marketing and newsletters. I love it when a job is so multi-faceted. Barely minimum wage mind you and that is how it is in this day and age. In this case the benefits make it worth so much. A whole new and perfect beginning that I could not have predicted when I wrote that last post.

In other news in my exciting life, I shall be off to Thailand on Tuesday for two weeks with one of my closest friends. To hold her hand during a very special time. It is an honour to be there for her during a time of new beginnings. I feel like a mother hen with my little one and want her to be safe and happy and for everything to go smoothly, which I am sure it will. I have no doubt she is in good hands and that she will cope better with the anaesthetics though I can not help also seeing myself in tears. Tears of happiness and joy and that feeling of wanting to burst with the enormity of it all. Oh yes, this is quite significant for me too and it is not even my life.

When I'm there I'm hoping to get a few massages done. Purely in the interests of research don't you know? Learn a few new moves whilst experiencing it myself. I fancy some leg and foot massage, head massage, back massage ..... just for starters. Maybe I can get some threading done too so I think I will save the few stray hairs in my brows for then. I've messed around with threading, learning it on Youtube, and I could do with experiencing it in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing. The other thing is that I am going to travel light so I have room to buy some cool cotton clothes to use whilst I am there and to bring them home. The exchange rate is very curious and to our advantage. For example, a 90 minute intensive spa like full body massage is in the region of £14. I think back to the Thai women I have known who have left families behind and come to work in this country in order to send money back and I wondered how it was possible to earn enough to buy a property at home whilst still living in our expensive land and that is why. Money is on a completely different dimension out there. And so too, I would expect, is the poverty out there.

It will be a very interesting journey. The last time I was in this part of the world was when I lived in Singapore as a small child when my father was in the navy. Coincidently about the same time my friend was also in the area with her father who was in the army. We may have even been to the same Combined-Services swimming pool at the same time - we could have even played together as playmates. On Tuesday we travel out to Thailand together and I bet it will be fun at times too.

"But" count = 2 found and exterminated!