Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Bankrupt Christmas

My happiest childhood Christmas was when I was about nine years old and my parents went bankrupt. We had salad (living in a hot country when it was considered poor food) for Xmas dinner, and a cheap plastic toy as a present from the supermarket. There wasn't all the stress of a hot cooked turkey of which I hated the taste, nor the drama of present buying. It was simple and my parents tried hard to make up for the lack of money. Something to be said for that.


alan said...

I told one of my favorite Christmas stories in comments elsewhere today; when I update my current post in a few days I'm thinking of telling it again!

There is a lot to be said for good company instead of "things"!

Thank you for being exactly that!


Doris said...

Aww thank you Alan :-)

I look forward to your Christmas story, when you get round to re-telling it!

Ally said...

I've joined the facebook group 'green xmas 2007', which is basically about non-consumerism - a family meal and a lack of razmatazz. It sounds blissful :).

Anji said...

I think I'll tell your story to my 16 year old. He thinks he's deprived.

Josephine said...

A lot to be said for that honey ;-)

What a life you've led my friend :-)

Doris said...

Ally that sounds great, as you say, blissful. And for you this will be an utterly special Christmas with your growing family :-) You counted the hairs on your knees yet?!

Oh Anji ! All our kids think they are deprived... poor things. Still, my life could have been a lot worse and there were sunshine moments like that ;-)

Jo LOL I suppose I have had an interesting life. I quite like Ally's green Christmas idea and would like to buck the consumerism trend. But I have just a few nice cards to send to some special people and a few modest presents to buy......

Xtabay said...

You really made me think!
When I was growing up money was tight so Christmas presents were few and tended to be practical things like clothes, or books. But we have such wonderful memories of those Christmases!
Now that we are all grown up and money is not an issue we go through the motions, but mostly to please my mother.
I miss those poor but joyful ones!

Doris said...

Indeed. Shows how much times have changed and I wouldn't go back to those poorer days but there is something to be said for having Christmas back in perspective.