Wednesday, 19 December 2007

I live with depression

It's as simple as that: I live with depression.

One moment I can be getting on doing things and then it creeps up and throws its dark cloak over me. Out of the blue ..... well, maybe there might be some stress factors which occur before hand, but nothing terribly serious beforehand. And it just swallows me up.

Sometimes it goes on and on for days, weeks or months and other times I can snap out within hours. At the point of writing (which has nothing to do with the date stamp on this post) I am close to tears. There is not anything that I want or know that will help. I guess I need to let the tears release me and just get on. Either be busy, or take time out in my own shell doing something inane and distracting.

And then it is back to business as usual. That happy shiny person who is always lovely and helpful. Oh sh*t and now I am crying. Does anyone really know, but I don't want them to know. I am like the "man from Mars" and need to be able to retreat into my shell. Leave me alone, some nice consideration (which I do get from Mr Doris), and I'll be OK soon enough.

Luverly jubly.

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