Monday, 6 December 2010

Meaningful Spaghetti

On the floor, between our desks is a worrying pile of cables. Coming out of back-up power blocks or regular power blocks. Black cables, white cables and grey cables. Loose ends and USB ends twisting and winding from one tower to another. Into the scanner and out of the printer and seemingly all points in between. Then there are the junction blocks and cables so that one piece of hardware works for at least two computers. In the darkness of the night with all the machines off, the little snake eyes of the LEDs glow as if ready to pounce.

This morning I am trying to back up my telephone prior to sending it back to have it finally fixed or replaced whilst it is still in warranty. And I need a cable. Just the one. That goes from the phone to the USB junction box. But I have extracted three such cables in the spaghetti that would have fitted my old phone but not this one. I feel sure that there was a time a year ago when I needed that cable but could not find even one. Oh joys.

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Anji said...

We recently moved our cables around when the back up battery died. They are quite finable for the time being and they certainly collect a lot of dust.