Monday, 24 December 2007

Ho ho ho

'Tis the day before Christmas ..... wishing a lovely, peaceful, happy and loving Christmas to one and all.


Steg said...

*waves mistletoe in air and puckers up hopefully*

Merry Xmas, Doris, to you and yours.


Doris said...

LOL (tries to spell gentle kissing sound whilst looking like a prat kissing loudly into the air in front of her keyboard)

Christmas kisses xxx

Doris said...

Hey, we have Ribena all over the kitchen floor.... son had helped himself to new bottle of blackcurrant cordial and put it back laying down in the cupboard. Slight dribble coming out the cupboard (since much earlier this morning) and all over the floor along the tile joins. Looks very impressive.

Current (or should I say currant!) estimates are that he will be cleaning for at least another hour.

I have taken plenty of pictures! If I had seen it before I blogged then that is what my blog post would have been about.

Josephine said...

Oh joy. ;-) I await the pictures! It's a shame photois can't convey stickiness!

Happy Christmas Doris (hugs). I think your 'Happy Christmas' thingy looks like a multi coloured Aero (yummy)!

Britmum said...

Merry Christmas Doris!!

I will get my act together in the new year. Thanks for checking up on me sweetie.


Doris said...

Great to see you Britmum! Hugs.

Shares out multi coloured Aero Christmas greetings ..... :-)