Friday, 21 December 2007

Christmas Shopping Day

More Christmas food shopping today. Yesterday was Lidl and Asda, whilst today is Sainsbury for the small bits that remain. A local friend, who doesn't have a car and has been ill, will be joining me again. Early start today as she needs to fit in hospital appointments in the middle of the day and then pick her up again to take her to go buy her real Christmas tree. I don't need to do that trip as our re-usable tree in a box is already up. But you just can't beat that gorgeous smell of pine which will at least fill our car!

Son is home early today. Earlier than expected and unfortunately I shan't be here ..... unless I re-organise the Christmas tree purchase. Which I might just do.

Yesterday, I found that the turkey takes longer than I relalised to cook on Christmas day, in order to make an early lunch, which means a bit of alarm setting might be in order.

This year my parents are having Christmas with us. Not because I am kind and generous as a loving daughter but more as a loving sister. My sister and her family have put up with our parents for many years now and I feel she needs a rest. And anyway, being selfish, if I do it this year then I get it over and done with. I've worked out that the last time I had Christmas with my parents was 15 years ago .... the Christmas I last lived with my parents and knew I was going to land them with a bombshell afterwards which then turned my life upside down and thankfully cut the umbilical cord to my mother. I suppose I should be thankful that this time Christmas is on my terms.

Except that, I had really, really wanted to be in Australia with my long-lost cousins this Christmas. But alas, finances do not permit this year.


Minerva said...

A tip = roast your turkey upside down until the last half/hour .. It makes the breast really succulent..

*donning her chef's hat*


Caroline said...
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Caroline said...
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Doris said...

Thank you Minerva - I have taken that on-board and actually it helps. Might mess up the basting but is a good idea .... and cuts down the cooking time!