Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Raging, Roaring, Rampaging.

Moi? Indeed. The worst dose of anything I have ever had. Based in depression of no specific cause, as opposed to anger, these last few days have been disastrous.

Not good either when I am a guest in my sister's house and am demonstrating the bizarest lack of control ever known. The brunt has been son, who is doing his own hormonal thing, and between us all my sister has been chief negotiator. Normally that is my speciality but I think my Kofi Annan hat is on holiday.

At times like this I retreat into my shell, so very few people actually experience me like this. On top, I had a foul headache today culminating in being sick. That was at my parent's this morning when I had gone to fix computer hardware. My mother has found a lost set of photos from my childhood. I like to see the photos but what I do find hard is her interpretation of our wonderful life back then. I manage to hold it together but not surprising the migraine/being sick took hold instead. Like something out of the Exorcist maybe (not that I have ever watched it!) and the bad wanting to come out.

I've slept this arvo and feel a whole lot better. Just fragile now.


Chandira said...

Oooh, you too? I had that headache, and was almost sick. I wonder if these things can pass via blogs now?? I know at least it wasn't physical proximity! I'm sorry!
I'm feeling better, I hope you are too.

rashbre said...

Sometimes its best to just let the spring unwind. I call it my decompression time. Be well to enjoy the next few days.

Anonymous said...

And breeeeeeaaaaaaathe.

alan said...

Mothers can have an effect like that on us...and yes, I wonder as well where they get off rewriting things to make themselves seem like June Cleever or something!

May the fragility give way to warmth and love and the holidays bring you joy!


Steg said...

What Thursday said.

Time away from Hormonal Offspring might help too...

Doris said...

Chandira Sorry to hear you too! There does seem to be quite a bit of it about but better this week than next, eh?!

Rashbre Decompression time sounds like a useful phrase. I may adopt it. :-)

Thursdaychild True! Sometimes easy to forget. That and counting to ten.

Alan Being a Brit I had to google June Cleever! I just hope that I don't do that to my children and always respect their experiences which might have been different to mine - for goodness sake - I hope they were different to mine at times!

Steg Actually, I now have two days away from hormonal children so shall make the most of it. Am already starting to feel brighter anyway.


Josephine said...

Aww honey...how horrid (hugs). I know these swings, ups and downs...don't beat yourself up...it'll pass.

There's a lot of stress about impending festivities you know...and combine that with (a) Mother and (b) Teen hormones etc...and there you go.

Hope things are calmer now.

Anji said...

I know only too well the son thing. I'm menopausal and I haven't had the chance to play up yet, he thinks he has the monopoly on haywire hormones.

I think mother's memories soften with age.

I'm impressed with how often you're posting.(pity I haven't managed to visit too often)

Doris said...

Jo Thanks! Things are surprisingly much better already :-)

Anji I'm impressed too with how much I am posting! But no way can anyone else read it all ... just too much and at this time of year. Methnks I can see a flaw in the Holidailies idea in that it must be a venture one does with grateful thanks at all that anyone can find time at this season in particular to come read!

Tales from the Vienna Woods said...

Doris and Chandira-
Any chance there was bad weather in the ofing on Monday? I get my migraines when storms are coming- low pressure systems are killers. Usually can predict days when school will be closed down.