Monday, 10 December 2012

Sunday Surprise

Holidailies 2012
One of those days that just does not pan out as expected. I was going to have a girly day out with one friend who has been having a lot to deal with lately but then she was really not up to it despite a reasonable amount of persuasion. I was then left with a whole day unassigned and oh, how nature abhors a vacuum! Another friend is having one brick wall after another and I discovered that one might think that certain things shouldn't happen in life but I am constantly shocked and surprised. It seems that dying with a terminal illness is not enough to persuade BT they should connect a telephone line as a priority. Other options are sadly less available due to the nature of erratic mobile reception.

Later on Mr Doris knew to try and snap me out of my feeling down and persuaded me to go out to a nearby Arboretum that we have not been to before. It was a lovely drive but cold and wet in the park so we soon hightailed out to the pub where I had yummy mulled wine. Most festive.

After we came back I did some more research and then felt exhausted and napped on the sofa to be woken later by daughter coming for an unexpected visit. After a nice chat I ended up doing her some overdue treatments and then we ate some leftovers for dinner. Daughter was teasing her younger brother that she fancied a sundae from McDs but he wasn't interested in taking the small walk to get any. Then I threw a swerve ball and offered them sundaes each for pudding and put my coat and boots on and went and bought them. I never do small things like that so they were really appreciative. Silly appreciative. That was really nice, and fun.


Anji said...

Next time get me a sundae too please.
Glad you had such a good day

Doris said...

LOL I'll see what I can do Anji :-)