Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Hit the road Jack

Holidailies 2012
It is currently minus 2 degrees centigrade, so not that cold, and I'll soon be out for a bit of a drive across the country to see a friend. It is a shame that it takes something so serious as a terminal illness to pull one's finger out and to meet up. I am very much looking forward to visiting again which makes it about twice so far in less than a month.

Driving is so enjoyable when it is not to a work deadline and is across beautiful country and the destination is desirable. Coo, a quick look out the window reveals thick frost on the car windows. I'll make sure I am wearing winter gear this time and that I have supplies in the car.
             ."` _     :  _  `.  .:::;.    .::'
         jgs '--(_)------(_)--' `      '::'

Hats off to Joan Stark's ASCII art. How fab that she has her own Wikipedia page. I think it takes a certain brain to see and create in this way. After leaving such a legacy on the web I hope she is enjoying life somewhere.

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