Saturday, 15 December 2012


Holidailies 2012
I am, I am, a good girl I am. Really. I've just been chatting to a friend and as you do, one conversation jumps to another and I suddenly worked out how many times I have been sacked in my time and it turns out four times! Actually, it would be nine times if you count the five times one mad employer sacked and re-employed me over a one week period when I was doing some work with her overseas, but then I am only counting that as one time. What is it about me that gets myself into these situations?

All these employers were women and very difficult ones who I had seemed to win over, at least for a while. With the exception of the last employer, I had worked very hard for them for over a year, and in one case on and off over several years. I worked and gave everything I had and yet something happened and obviously it was not enough.

My current employer knows about my last employer sacking me. Something happened today, something good I had done and was being acknowledged for, to which I cheekily asked my boss that if I ever do anything that she felt I overstepped the mark, to please speak to me about it and not to just sack me. Bless her, she was appalled at the thought and it was sweet the way she assured me she was not going to sack me. On the whole, this employer is not difficult. Actually, she is very kind and good at growing her business. A rather good state of affairs and reasons to be cheerful.


Anji said...

Good to hear you're not for the chop. My jobs all dried up at the same time. then the only one that was left dried up too. One good thing is, I can't sack myself

Doris said...

Sometimes I think that drying up happens in order to steer us in a better direction for us - or the direction we are supposed to be going even if that does not seem to be right. It has happened to me time and again. Curiously, I am going through such changes again and so am considering developing the areas I want to develop. Well, that is when I have a better grasp on my mind and not quite so stressed. Hilarious when one considers we do not have a financial cushion and indeed quite the opposite.

Good luck with your work Anji. x