Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Pageviews, Cold, and Dust

Holidailies 2012
Blogger have some interesting stats available for: Now; Day; Week; Month; or All Time. Not that one can ever truly rely on stats as being correct as one can visit a site and it not register or one can be a returning visitor after just an hour and you register as a whole new visitor. Allowing for all that, it tickles me in the last day there were four page views of my blog in Kazakhstan and nine pages in Poland. In the last week, eight pages were viewed in Brazil.

Curiously, double the number of pages were viewed in the UK yesterday than in the US yet over the last week the figures flipped and the US have viewed more. In the last month, seventeen of my pages were viewed in Indonesia. I am in the UK and so these places strike me as far away, exotic and most of all non-English speaking.


It is early December and we have our heating on in the Mash household. Last winter the heating was only put on some time in January of this year. Could this be the cold winter promised?


On the decorations front, I have only gotten as far as as digging out the Christmas wreath and putting that on the front door. Seeing as we live in such a small apartment where space is at a premium I am a little perturbed to find the said wreath on a side counter not even put away from last year. Oops and eeks. This required some careful dusting before putting up. Luckily I was fastidious about carefully storing the rest away, and am still in two minds about getting them out. Bah humbug!


Anji said...

Here's one from France! Stats are fascinating.

We've had our heating on for a while now. I remember that last winter was mild until after Christmas when it went very cold. the bedroom radiator wasn't working properly so it got very cold. this year it's all been fixed but we don't need the heat turned up too high

Leaving something out for a whole year is soemthing I would do. I always have a mad search for my pumpkin candle holder at halloween and find it when I get the Christmas decorations out. this year I haven't found it at all...

Doris said...

Viva la France!