Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing Day Special

Holidailies 2012
It has almost become traditional in our family for both my sister's and my families to gather together at a large meal at our place on Boxing Day. We are four-a-piece in each immediate family, plus my two of my sister's in-laws plus our two parents (now one since mother passed) and then any sundry friends. There is usually a theme and sometimes fancy dress - we do like a good dress up.

Each year I would cook a fabulous meal that would normally need a month to organise. Some of it would be prepared in advance but mainly it was engineering precision in the last twelve hours to produce an apparently effortless feast usually perfectly timed.

This year is a tad different in that I have no idea what I am cooking today! As Mr Doris and I enjoyed a Christmas Day as the guests of a friend I knew I would not be around to prepare so instead of the usual midday feast, we are going to have some sort of early evening buffet. Before Christmas I located two supermarkets that would be open today so shortly I am going to go a huntin' and a fishin'.So who knows what we will be eating, will very much depend on what is in the shops and of reasonable cost. Items on sale would be extremely helpful in the scheme of things and I am hoping to find some exceptional bargains.

Instead of the usual furniture moving operation to fit in extra tables and chairs it will be buffet style so that will make it easier. The main thing is a very good nosh up and a meeting of everyone in our annual gathering. On with the day.

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