Monday, 24 December 2012

Punching High

Holidailies 2012
Christmas Eve is traditionally meeting up at my sister's house with extended family and assorted friends for mince pies, mulled wine, playing of instruments and singing Christmas carols. Followed by a walk down to the church for the midnight service through our festive lit town. The pubs will be loud and raucous as we walk home with young 'uns in teeny bits of clothing being super cheerful pouring out into the street. It is a great atmosphere. What is there not to love.

I'm off out to get the mulled wine sorted as that is in my remit. I've been looking at recipes to see what people say or suggest and was surprised that actual citrus juice is not recommended in the brew, just the citrus peel. I'll be carrying the hot toddy glasses which we have in good number to drop them off ready for later.

It is day 8 of my Warrior / Fast 5 diet, except that with all the festive enjoyments the five hour windows have been rather longer and extremely full of chocolates and alcohol. Last night was a mega session but I seem to be surviving without the help of any pain relief. It will be interesting to see what the scales have to say about it all in the new year.

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