Friday, 14 December 2012

Hibernating Cook

Holidailies 2012
Since my busy and emotional day on Tuesday, and apart from a few hours out to work, I seem to have been sleeping since. Probably at least 28 hours in the past 48 hours asleep. What is it when I am used to sleeping six hours or so in a 24 hour period to suddenly more than double.

Today is a longer day at work and I'm at the clinic on Saturday too so I guess I have prepared for that in advance.

Yesterday for therapy, and as Aldi have a special offer again on parsnips, I made a gorgeous spicy parsnip soup. Some of which will do me for work today. The other day I found roasted peanuts without any salt or added oil in Waitrose and ground those in my mini food mixer to make homemade peanut butter. Most of the shop bought peanut butters contain sugar which I find rather unnecessary especially when without salt is also surprisingly palatable. My son wrote poison on the label the last time I made peanut butter which shows what he thinks of it. I redeemed myself last night by making oven chips that were not my usual potato wedges and looked like regular chip shop chips and tasted like fine dining chips! Served with oven baked fish easy going from the box and tomato halves gently fried and mushy peas. Basically, fish chips and mushy peas with tomatoes. Rather tasty.

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