Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Jeni Barnett on LBC

The wonderful Jeni Barnett now has a new radio slot on LBC which can be listened to online:

1pm-2pm Monday to Friday LBC Radio

Click on the Listen Live link on the LBC website

NB. Aaaaaaargh this is the first time I have listened from the beginning and hear that Jeni is only sitting in for someone else. So this might only be for this week!

For years Jeni presented the excellent Good Food Live on UKTVFood but bizarrely, in some strange stroke of political manouvering, the programme format and Jenni were ditched in favour of a rather slow and less than inspiring food programming. It is so boring it is beyond belief - I understand that is to go off air soon, after its short run.

Moving to radio is a new career move for Jeni and just goes to show that no matter, we can always re-build and move into new directions. Jeni has been blogging and is refreshingly honest and open about the mental traumas we go through and I wish her well. It is a fascinating insight into a person in her position. Pretty human really!

Do visit her blog and show her a bit of loving!

After all, for many years she has kept us entertained and informed and held an excellent daily food programme together. And I am looking forward to seeing her larger than life character on TV again but for the moment the radio slot is doing very well!


Marmite Girl said...

Hi Doris got your link from Jeni's blog. Glad to see you are giving Jeni a plug, she does need a bit of loving at the moment, I can't wait to see her back on TV I'm making do with the repeats of GFL at the moment,
Great blog by the way
Love Marmite Girl xx

Doris said...

Thanks Marmite Girl!

I bet those repeats of GFL will draw in a larger audience than anything :-D

And I'll confess I missed that legendary last show, and its original repeats, and would love a chance to see it. Hearing Jeni on the radio yesterday mention about using a raw onion to clean your barbeque reminded me how much I missed those little snippets. But most of all her off-beat sense of humour and warm personality.

Steg said...

Absolutely missing Jeni. The Wife is a big fan of UKFood and Jeni wsa one of the few things that drew my interest. Market Kitchen is soooo boring!

Doris said...

Hi Steg

I'm just back in listening to Jeni now. The subject so far is fitness... :-)

I'm sure there is a place for something like Market Kitchen but not as a replacement for the vivacity of GFL. I've gorn orf UKTVFood as a result.