Friday, 21 December 2012

The miracle that is Christmas

Holidailies 2012
Not in the Christian sense but with regard to not stressing and panicking about getting everything done. On Monday I was asked by a colleague if I had done all my Christmas shopping and I had replied that I hadn't and I didn't care, it would happen when it did and sure enough it has. In one day it was all shopped and wrapped and the three Christmas cards I just had to do were written and posted. Done with costs kept to a very reasonable amount. The presents were chosen with love and I think are lovely.

Today I survived yet another end of the world, unless this is all an illusion. It has been very busy at work, however I know this was not an illusion. I've come home to do my niece's and my daughter's nails and I am knackered. My own look appalling and need doing before tomorrow as I have a day of work from early but that is my last until the end of next week.

Today was my fifth day of doing the Fast-5 or Warrior diet and I am loving it.

Roll on Christmas and friends.

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