Wednesday, 19 December 2012

14 years ago today...

Holidailies 2012
... we moved in with the darling Mr Doris. So this is our 14th Christmas together. Although I do nothing more to note this anniversary than to acknowledge it, I remember it second to our wedding anniversary and more than the date we first met and the such like:
  • Possibly because the day was so significant and went significantly pear-shaped and righted itself within the day? That was on account of the moving people I had organised deciding they were not going to move me after all once they fully realised how much stuff I had compared to the size of their van and just disappeared on the day of moving and luckily the second choice removals made themselves available to rescue a damsel in distress. 
  • Possibly because as a unit with my small kids I took a step off a very big precipice into the unknown without any back-up plan? 
  • Or maybe because I recognise that Mr Doris had been so brave to allow familyhood fall around him in one fell swoop.
Any which way, I was brave to make the move and Mr Doris was brave too. I like that. To this day I still do not know how we fitted all our furniture in with his, arrange it into some order and then six days later I cooked Christmas dinner for us all and his lovely Jewish family. I can still see all the happy faces sat around the dinner table squashed in by furniture and feeling the love and feeling we were home.
This post has been chosen as one of the Best of Holidailies today. Yaaay! :-)


Anji said...

Congratulations to you both!

"...and feeling we were home." Sometimes it just feels right, doesn't it?

Doris said...

Thanks Anji :-) You are so right, sometimes it just feels right and you know it.

Doris x