Friday, 28 December 2012

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

Holidailies 2012
Along with the Warrior / Fast 5 Diet I am also exploring Hydrogen Peroxide, or H2O2. Using food grade 35% H2O2 diluted in distilled water or in freshly squeezed juice.

Yesterday my friend arrived with a bottle decanted from her supply of 35% for me to try. As I squeezed just one drop into a glass of distilled water to try I noticed it was odourless, colourless and tasteless at that dilution. Yet with the small spray bottle of 3% she had made up with distilled water it had fizzed on a tiny cut that she had. Overnight I was wondering if the 35% was just water by mistake. Remembering a youtube video I had watched with a guy demonstrating the effects of 35% H2O2 on the palm of his hand, this morning I squeezed a couple of drops onto the palm with no effect. Hmm I thought. As I did not have any cuts to try it on as H2O2 fizzes on blood I retrieved a bit of the orange skin flesh and squeezed some drops on there to see the effect. At last I started to see some slight fizz.

Somehow though, in the process I had managed to let some H2O2 fall on to the side of my hand near the base of my thumb, or perhaps that is where I opened the bottle.Which I did not realise until I had stood for some seconds peering at the fizzing orange and felt the burning sensation. Oh my word, my skin was turning white and it hurt a bit and I was more than a bit scared. However a couple of minutes under the tap and now twenty minutes later there is nothing to show for the drama.

I had to know and I am glad that happened as a very practical sign of the care one must take with H2O2. Today is my first day taking 3 drops diluted three times a day. Tomorrow it goes up to 4 drops and so forth until day 23 when one gets up to 25 drops and then one comes down again until back at 3 drops for the maintenance dose. I may not get to the top dose as I will follow my instinct but who knows. The purpose is to oxygenate the whole body system from the inside. It is said to cure illnesses and ailments. I am using it as part of my MOT in preparation for my 50th birthday and the next stage of my life.

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