Saturday, 14 December 2013

Christmas Cards and other plans

Here we are, nearly middle of December, and our Christmas card count stands at four received! Plus two I have in my drawer at work which are the obligatory ones. Is that a sign of Christmas this year or a knock on effect of my tardiness in previous years? As if this household is just about me and things wouldn't happen if I didn't do it, which is possibly true to some extent but nature abhors a vacuum and if I weren't here then others would fill that social void. Which is a whole 'nother digression.

This morning I woke up planning to work on clearing down the decks in readiness for visitors and guests in just over a week and already in less than an hour I am thinking that with a humongous push I could print up those address labels, write a sentence or two in each card and whip them down to the post box by midday. Please may we have enough stamps in stock to carry out this process.

On the starters mark: close down the blogs; do not be diverted by anything else; open the labels file from Christmases past and revise and print; fetch out the cards already purchased way back; sit at table and start writing; get what is done to the post office this morning, especially those overseas ones in some vague attempt they might even arrive; and do it. Now!

UPDATE: Just four hours later and I am back from the Post Office including standing in the long queue. About 36 cards written and posted. No wonder I had a smug look on my face walking back through our cute little town. The Town Crier dressed in his red frock coat with scrolled announcement board called out the town's news to the high street with a few market stalls set up. It is not yet midday and I can think of what next in our Christmas preparations.


Jay said...

Ahaha .. yes, I so know the feeling. I managed to get my international cards posted yesterday (crossing my fingers that they will arrive in time) but still have the others to write and post.

I think the reason for the drop in cards sent is economic. Postage here in the UK has risen so much that if I send out the same number of cards this year as I sent ten years ago, it would cost me about £70 just in stamps, without taking into account the cost of the cards. The harsh reality is that many people simply cannot afford to do it.

Thank you so much for being concerned about me - I am touched! The truth is that I have been busier than ever this year with fundraising in the run-up to Christmas, plus the twin grandbabies, and even the dogs have needed more attention. And A has had a DVT, which was very worrying. But we're OK! I actually have two posts half-written, waiting for photos. They just never seem to get it finished. *Sigh*

Doris said...

Jay! I am so pleased to hear from you and that you are ok. You know you can not go from being such a regular blogger to nothing - people worry! But hey, I've been there. Real life has that way of taking over.

Twin grandbabies sound like fun and time consuming whilst health worries always take over. I hope you all enjoy a splendid Christmas.

You are right about the postage and that probably accounts for a lot.

rashbre said...

I have Xmas stamps left from last year.

LB said...

I'm doing mine piecemeal. Started by doing a big stack culled from the mailing list selection. Then took a trip. Back, I've been doing a few each day, usually one to send to someone we receive a card from whom I'd neglected and then a few more I'm inspired to send. I received one yesterday where a friend enclosed a picture of a couple of my parents' friends. She noticed in the background that my mom and dad were sitting there smiling and laughing. Mom's been gone eleven years and Dad three so it brought a tear to my eye. And made me realize that sometimes there's a bit more to personalizing a card to someone!

Doris said...

Rashbre We have a 20 1/2p (20.5) stamp in our collection!

LB It is so lovely when an old photograph surfaces. The other year I was sent via email a photo that included my grandmother as a little girl, something I had never seen before. Personalising cards certainly comes from the heart.

I found when I was culling my list those couples that have now divorced and new addresses not yet established. Oh so sad.