Saturday, 29 December 2012

Music of life

Holidailies 2012
It may be a job and one that has to be worked at a great deal, it is still a gift. Playing music and bringing it to the lives of others. For the pleasure and the sheer enjoyment. To feel the rhythm and the vibration. Stirring up memories and creating new ones. And then there is something else that I witnessed today. After a short impromptu private performance for a few friends the musician stood up to pack away and then invited the teenaged son of the house to come and try the instrument. He was up like a flash to try and he did a pretty remarkable job of creating some beautiful sounds. He asked relevant questions and listened to the answers. Then we were told how much the instrument had cost: near the price of a small house! Which gave even more value that the young person was allowed to hold and play this divine work of art.

It was a beautiful moment in time to be cherished and I am grateful for the friends and people in my life.

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