Thursday, 27 December 2012

Back to work

Holidailies 2012
Silly me fishing for compliments from son regarding last night's festive feast. He has just emerged looking for a breakfast of left overs yet with the cheek to give a list of criticisms with almost no positives. Thanks son. Just in case I was feeling smug about the table of amazing food that I produced and was enjoyed by everyone with people having at least seconds if not thirds, he tells me the turkey was not moist enough. I don't think he has ever had truly dry turkey that sits in your throat and what I made was extremely moist and almost all polished off. Tch! He has just left the room with his plate of left overs for breakfast. I rather think that says it all.

I'm working today but with just the one client who is a dear friend, and then I am working all day tomorrow at the clinic. Then am off again until next Wednesday. It is rather luxurious this annual holiday business.

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