Saturday, 1 December 2012

Custard kisses

Holidailies 2012
How could I not write about Prince William kissing me? Not because I am a royalist or am particularly bothered by titles or anything like that but because he is so darned handsome and suave. And it was the way he kissed me.

This is a very hot topic for me right now as it happened, just a short while ago. In my sleep! I am more Prince Charle's age and grew up in Australia lusting after him as the desirable prince who would sweep me off my feet. As I have gotten older I find I have gotten pervier and look at much younger men in a sinful way because of course I am still only a teen or my early twenties inside my head. Prince Charles holds nothing for me now, however his oldest son is a confection.

A group of us were on a visit somewhere. This included the darling Mr Doris. Prince William was saying hello to various people and he came up to me. Still sitting (I am so not a Royalist even in my dreams!) I smiled and held my hand up to shake hands and say hello. He took my hand, turned it over so that he gently but firmly held my fingers with the back of my hand towards him, at the same time he swept down onto his knees and with his other hand cupped my hand, he looked deep into my eyes holding my gaze, said something like "Hello my dear" as if he was so delighted to see me especially and then kissed my hand. That was it, a short sweet moment in time. He stood up and went to say hello to someone else. His wife was also there and saying hello to people too.

In the next moment my head slunk into Mr Doris' lap and I pulled the paper programme over my face to block out the world, the event and any more of Prince William. It was a perfect and beautiful moment in time to treasure. It was lovely to snuggle into the warmth of Mr Doris' lap. I could overhear someone saying this was a normal reaction to Prince William and someone else saying he knows what he is doing. I didn't care, it was lovely. After a while I passed into a short, deep sleep and then awoke to see the others were being given a lesson by Prince William on making custard in a tin mug. Everyone was stirring their own mugs of almost gruel like custard. I'm not sure what I thought of the thin, lumpy custard or how he had become a celebrity chef type person.

As I awoke a short while ago, I was snuggled up to Mr Doris' back and smiling. A lovely start to December.


Anji said...

That's almost as good as David Schwimmer kissing my toes. Pity I woke up before he got any further.

I never liked Prince Charles's ears. His eldest som is lovely, isn't he?

Doris said...

David Schwimmer!! LOL Whatever floats our boats Anji :-) I suppose I am more of a Matthew Perry as Chandler kind of girl!

That sounds like it ought to have been quite a raunchy dream if he started kissing your toes. Am so sorry you were deprived of any more. Did you blog about it .... and where?

Bev Sykes said...

What a fun entry!

Anji said...

It was 5 years ago!

Doris said...

Thank you Bev! I had been thinking about what to write for the start of Holidailies - you know the thing, something witty and clever and interesting but in the end all that was blown out of the water by such a lovely scenario.

Doris said...

And just to show Anji that it is never to late to comment on a blog post, this is what I wrote:

LOL Only five and half years later to reply to a blog post. What a night and time you were having of it at that time. Such a shame that the DS aparition did not last longer. Aww. x