Monday, 17 December 2012

Progress Report

Holidailies 2012
  • Paper chains made. Said paper chains now on floor in neat piles awaiting blue tack finding operation to fix on walls.
  • Christmas tree up, dressed and lit up. Not a single present underneath on account of not having Christmas shopped yet. Fingers crossed for some sort of Christmas miracle this week. This morning at a local potential gift emporium nothing would do anyway but they seem to have put their prices up. Not good at all.
  • Fish tank more than half the water replaced and is now clear again after too much blue water treatment. I swear I can now see the fish waving yoo-hoo at me!
  • Kitchen sorting begun. A bit of space made and a bit more to be found. Major cleaning yet to be done if we are to have guests in the house within a matter of days. Oo-er.
  • Home made shortbread made and hmm. Tasty enough but as experimental presents will not do when made in a rubbishy oven that I have not tamed. Idea tried and dismissed.
  • Friend staying sorted. So pleased as I think it is nearly a year since we have met up!
  • Yet to do complete sale of house, keep working, keep head above water, keep smiling :-)


Anji said...

it's a good feeling when jobs get crossed off the list because they are done.

I'm doing everything except clean the kitchen at the moment. i'll invent all sorts of tasks to avoid that one...

Good luck with the rest

Doris said...

Thanks Anji! What is really brilliant is that today I went and did all the Christmas shopping and wrapped it and sent the few cards we are sending. Boosh. Done!

I hope you have fared well with your chores rather than malingering ;-)