Thursday, 19 December 2013

Suck it to me baby

Could this be the day that I finally get on with clearing the decks rather than being distracted by cooking? Bit by bit, purchases in the post have brought the vacuum storage bags, the vacuum adapter that did not fit the vacuum, and finally a portable pump to do the job.

The task has begun of reducing the contents of our apartment by a sizeable amount into a series of vacuumed packages that can be easily accessed as required. Mr Doris thinks labelling the packages: eg. two pillows, single bed set with two pillows, single duvet; extra panel for double duvet; etc; might be sensible. I thought not. This morning I already can not remember which package is which. Methinks labelling has to be the way to go. Then rearrange things in our overfull bedroom so that they can be easily accessed yet are tucked away.

That is the plan if I wish to accept it, which I do. Then off to work for an afternoon and evening shift.

Christmas is a'coming and although I have done some great planning and action there is also much that is undone and could become a last minute panic if I do not get on with some basics.


rashbre said...

Someone else I know was using those suction packing bags recently. They described to me how the bags gradually let the air back in, so that the room appears to get smaller.

Doris said...

Er.... surreal! Is the room full of bags? I just can not seem to get my head around this.

Meanwhile, the bags do let in air if their seals are not good. I finally threw away one of my old bags which did that. The rest are fine. And had better be because if they were to reflate there might be broken furniture as a result!

rashbre said...

It sounds as if your reflating storage bags would be almost as dangerous as my friend's. Desrtroying furniture vs taking over rooms ;-)