Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Ciabatta Christmas

It has been a topsy turvy Christmas with us all opening our Secret Santa presents on Christmas Eve. It was brilliant and worked out fab even for the youngest of us all. So far opinion seems to be that we should do it again next year.

This left a Christmas morning where present opening was not the focus. Nor was a cooked breakfast as I decided it was superfluous and a simple croissant breakfast would do. Especially, it is the first day in ages that I have slept in. Glorious.

We are starting our Christmas dinner with antipasti for which we needed a little bread. So what better than to make Ciabatta for the first time. I found a recipe that did not require an overnight developing and it has baked OK. If it is not good enough we always have one of those part baked loaves we can pop in the oven.

Daughter is making a lemon meringue pie for our pudding and the brisket is slow cooking for the mains. Vegetables to prepare and then let the feasting begin.

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Sherck said...

It sounds delightful all around--Merry Christmas!