Sunday, 8 December 2013

Meerkat Collective

Oooh Rashbre has Maiya  (who travelled a circuitous route) and she looks rather hot in her skin tight secret agent outfit. Even her Nana Mouskouri glasses rock. (I just checked the spelling of Nana's last name and am astounded I spelt it right first time!)

Anyway, I thought I ought to take a pic of my chappie. He is Alexandr Orlov and he even has his own Wikipedia page. Mine is still in his box and we have had him quite some time which leads me to wonder if anyone ever takes their meerkats out of the boxes. My Alexandr has travelled from the his usual place to by the Christmas tree for this pic. His fur is a little warmer than the flash allows. I just looked up Ebay and see them selling on there from a few pounds to nearly fifty pounds.

I wonder if we renew our insurance with the same people if we will get another Meerkat toy? Hmm.


rashbre said...

I can safely say that renewing insurance via Meerkovo does provide additional meerkattage.

We are already up to three, although they seem to have left the house and live in a nearby educational establishment.

Elle Hull said...

Sweet! It's been a really cleaver marketing scheme to have these! They're adorable!

Doris said...

Vonderful Rashbre, Vonderful ;-)

Hi Elle, I was reading that this marketing scheme has made a big difference to their market share. As for being adorable, I always thought that about real meerkats (not in a wanting to pick up and cuddle way!). I wonder what it is about some animals that makes them more attractive. I think with meerkats it is the way they stand up and stretch their necks to look around.