Monday, 2 December 2013

Deck the halls and Secret Santa

There is something about December beginning on a Sunday as I have never known such a collective of putting up decorations on the same day. Of course we're talking decorations at home as the ones in the shops have been up since October. A few years back they were going up in September and I think the recent financial crisis put a stop or slow down to the obsceneness of that. Very few have the stomach for it too early.

I'm amazed by those I speak to who have all bought and wrapped presents by the end of November. I don't think I could ever get to that level of being organised and in any case, I love the last minute rush around with snow at your feet and being wrapped up warm and the dingle of the bell as you push open the door of the shop. That would be because I try really hard to use my local independent shops which is why my presents are usually very small and not much of flashing the cash.

This year is going to be different still. This weekend my sister's family had the idea of doing a Secret Santa and as my 19 year old son was around there at the time he thought it a good idea and we are making it a collective Secret Santa, including friends who are also joining us over Christmas and Boxing Day. This will mean we are each having one present and one present only to unwrap! The online Secret Santa facility we have joined, so that it is truly a secret as to who has whom to get a gift, has a section where each person can list at least three things they might like so the person getting the gift has a good idea though they do not have to follow it. We've set a top budget of £20. I very much like the idea of reducing the consumerism around Christmas. We'll still be having a special feast and having a lot of togetherness and fun and games.

For now, I've put up a lot of our decorations. I am contending with a shoulder injury that has hung around since September. Just stepping up onto a chair holding some lightweight decorations was enough to send me into palpitations of pain so I have had to take it very carefully. I have still been able to work but just lately I have started to have more twinges. It is my third visit to the osteopath today and I am not sure I am happy with how things are going. Fingers crossed it improves soon.

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