Monday, 16 December 2013

Homemade baked cheescake for breakfast

It was more like 4am when I was wide awake so I made a cup of tea and tried another slice of the cheesecake I made yesterday in preparation for our Boxing Day feast. The idea is to mash it all up and to create tiny lollipops on sticks to freeze as part of the nibbles for the chocolate fountain.

This is the first time I have made a baked cheesecake and opted for the water bath/bain marie method. Two good sheets of foil seemed to do the trick with no breach of water into the loose bottomed pan. After cooling and refrigeration I couldn't help but try some last night and disappointed does not come anywhere close. The whole thing tasted wishy washy with a wet texture and yet looked firm and cooked, apart from the crust which looked wet right away. Mr Doris kept trying to put a positive spin on it calling it moist.

Which made me realise how much I like that dry, stick to the roof of your mouth richness of a good cheesecake that needs a good coffee or a cup of tea to go with it. Cheesecake is not cheap to make and the raw mixture tasted so delicious I was very excited about the result that I had boasted to Mr Doris that if it did not turn out wonderful I would eat one of my legs. Which is a pretty stupid boast to make on all counts.

The cheesecake has sat open in the fridge overnight and there is some hope for it. The slice I had this morning is quite a bit dryer and tasting a whole lot more like cheesecake. The crust is even tasting crustier! Fingers crossed that a few more hours will have it tasting special and I can proceed with the next stage. Otherwise it is down to the supermarket for a shop bought one.

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