Friday, 6 December 2013

Deep, down and dirty

Not a lot to say really. Last night at work was really great with lovely feedback from clients about treatments that are life changing. Of course I came home feeling wonderful, bathed in the warm glow of that shared glory. Way less than 24 hours later I come home from a very hard day at work. Clients were happy and satisfied but I know. I'm working with equipment that keeps hiccoughing and not doing what it should. Deadlines for treatments are being pushed and I am wanting to do the best job I can. One of the young apprentices could be a whole lot more supportive, after all the value of the treatments I am doing are paying the rent, wages and much more. My arms are working billy-oh for five hours strait, with an existing shoulder injury in one I am feeling the strain and my other arm and shoulder are starting to ache. I have no time to make a drink and no-one brings me any. Probably a good thing as I wouldn't have had time to go to the loo. When I've finished my boss who is now in about to see her own clients asks me if I'm OK in the way people these days in the UK glibly ask "How are you" without having time nor the inclination to hear a real answer so I just mutter OK. Another part of me feels that if I say anything it looks like I can not handle pressure. Is it pressure? Is it tiredness? Is it pain? Is it depression and I am just barely coping. Life is not always good at the OK corral.


Shephard said...

I think sometimes body pains are all it takes to suck the happy out of our sails. Can be so challenging to maintain buoyancy. And things can begin to pile ontop, and reinforce the feeling. I try my darnedest in situations like that, to remind myself.. that it's the same world "today" as it was 2 days ago when I was feeling more spritely, and then just ride it out as best I can. Hope you're feeling much better. ~S :)

Doris said...

Thanks Shephard :-) I am feeling way much better than that day though my shoulder/arm is still giving me trouble.