Monday, 23 December 2013

24 hours

12.05am At supermarket in next town purchasing large turkey
01.15am Lying in bed trying to sleep but thinking over menus and recipes
05.10am Wake up feeling awake and refreshed finalising menu for Boxing day
07.55am Collect daughter and drive her to work
08.40am At local supermarket purchasing vegetables and other items for festive dinners
09.15am Home and sorting vegetables to store in boot of car
10.05am Showered, uniformed and on way to work - clients all day
06.40pm Leave work and head to two other supermarkets for bits and pieces
07.20pm Stop off at butcher on way home as it is still open but they do not have the cut I want
07.40pm Jog to other town butcher and find they are closed but open at 6am tomorrow
07.50pm Home to yummy spaghetti and meatballs cooked by son
08.30pm Intention to make the Christmas soup but watch a new production of Jane Eyre instead
10.20pm Consider how tired I might be and that cooking can wait
10.45pm Play a few overdue scrabble moves on four different games on phone app
11.00pm Read emails
11.10pm Write this blog post
11.15pm Consider again how tired I am and that perhaps I will go to bed early for a change

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