Monday, 30 December 2013

Family Birthday

Birthdays mixed in with festival times can be so unfair. The festival takes priority and sadly the birthday can become a bit of an afterthought. There was one significant year where I managed to pull out all the stops which took a great deal of focused planning and hijacked the festival event. So it is possible but when the person is an adult and does not seem to be bothered it does make it easier on everyone else around. My birthday is in a couple of weeks and I have a simialar experience since childhood. It was always the same tune that it was too close to Christmas not that I would get anything extra at either event. It was about my third or fourth birthday that my mother stopped giving me a birthday party and that was that. It was quite something each year to watch my brother enjoy the bounties and fuss of his birthday in the middle of the year. I think I learnt to try to toughen up on that score so that I appeared not to mind.

This year was significantly different for me as it was a landmark birthday and a fuss was made. Never before have I had such parcels and gifts just for me to open and it was very special, and very strange. I am not sure I would want that again except at another significant birthday.

Today's birthday was a very nice home made dinner and all the family around. Not so much a fuss of the birthday person as an excuse to all get together for another enjoyable feast and a game of Balderdash. If it had been another time of the year I suspect the birthday person would be more the focus, so I wonder what it does to our psychology overall.

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