Wednesday, 11 December 2013

New pills new day!

Up before the alarm and raring to go - something must be different. Yesterday I started a prescribed anti-inflammatory for my shoulder pain and this morning, as I write, I am eating and having my third dose. Last night I also made the decision to sleep on the sofa since I am more comfortable there than in bed, and had a better night's sleep. Good job too as I need to be one step ahead of my day rather than chasing my butt.

Interesting thing about the GP yesterday and I am not sure what I think. This particular GP has never seen me before. I was quite succinct in what was wrong, about the osteopath I had seen, the level of movement I have and the pain, my need to continue working as I am self employed, and what my GP boss had suggested about a referral. He prescribed the medication (500 mg Naproxen tqice a day) and I was out that door in about four minutes with the print out. He said any referrals should wait a couple of weeks for these meds to have a go. He did not look at my shoulder or check anything apart from "are you allergic to anything". I have almost never before gone into a surgery looking for a prescription and have never been dealt with so quickly.

At least I only take these twice a day so I can resume my warrior diet. Today I am doing the Fast Diet with a small meal this morning in order to get another dose into me as soon as possible and a small meal later and then onto warrior as soon as possible. Eating lots of food the last couple of months to take the ibuprofen has not been helpful on any level. Two weeks to the day until Christmas and then Boxing Day when I have a fancy dress outfit to fit in.


rashbre said...

Glad to see you are feeling somewhat better, so hopefully the new tabs are doing the trick.

Sometimes a bit of rest time can do worders too, although with busy lives it can be difficult to achieve.

rashbre said...

OOps- wonders, not worders. It sounds like something from Lord of the Rings.

Doris said...

LOL because aren't we wordy people by the nature of blogging? Thanks for your kind words!