Thursday, 5 December 2013

Afternoon Tea

Busy morning at work followed by Afternoon Tea with a friend. I am on sugar overload having eaten my half share of the three tiers, and am still stuffed all these hours later into the next day!

Although it was delightful all in all, it was not a surprise to find out that the tea room owner has never had afternoon tea in her life so I recommended that she go to a Hall nearby where they do excellent afternoon tea that could be seen as a bit of a benchmark. These sandwiches left a lot to be desired using shop bought bread that was ever so slightly slightly dried. The scones were better and the little pots of jam and cream utterly delightful. There were chocolate dipped strawberries. In December! I was not keen on the chocolate but then I do not like a stronger chocolate.

The cakes were all hand made and very nice but the meringue should have been left off as it was just shop bought and a tad excessive. I still ate it all!

Afterwards we had a mooch around a charity shop and this children's game caught my eye as I walked in the shop. Oh dear, another headline screaming something other than what it was actually saying. In this case "catch crabs" was obvious and then I did not
read tentacles but testicles! I promise I have not had anything to drink.

This year my friend and I have managed to do our monthly outing. Every single month despite everything. We've been to the National Arboretum in Staffordshire; to country houses; for afternoon teas here and there; visited art galleries; ferried cross the Mersey; and attended the other's family gatherings. I am so glad that we made this commitment and kept it up - just one outing a month to something that at least one of us has not done before and wanted to do. We have managed to do it despite coping with my bereavement and her moving house. I feel these outings have helped to colour my year with a rich tapestry of delightful new memories. Fun and laughter and a "just because we can" attitude. We plan to continue next year with our monthly outings and perhaps try for some more adventurous activities.

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