Sunday, 5 December 2010


Not sure what happened to yesterday but within an hour of writing my last post, and feeling all smug, I was continuing with my college assignment and my eyes went ping. In a pre-migraine kind of way. It is difficult to study and concentrate when lights and objects slide around your vision and make you feel queasy. So as a result, I was up and down from the sofa. Sleeping it off and then returning to my studies, then resting again. Thank goodness no-one accepted my invitations to come and eat with us last night as I ended up quite out of action. But at least two of my five assignments are done and dusted and I'll try and do some more today. It will be so good to get them out of the way.


Anji said...

I'm sorry to read that. perhaps it was the pressure coming off that caused the migraine. That happens to Dom a lot on weekends.

Hope it's gone away by now.

Doris said...

Thanks, it did clear up in the end. It is curious that sometimes we work better as tight wound springs but then, release the pressure, and all mayhem is released. When instead we could be enjoying the fruits of our labours.