Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Frozen door

This morning I discovered that a car door can freeze open. Or rather, the shutting mechanism can freeze so it is a flappy door and not really the sort of door one can drive around with. At first it all seemed a breeze: the key went into the lock and opened the driver door and the engine started first time. I had just offered an impromptu lift to my neighbour who works at the local school and she sat in the passenger seat as I scraped the solid ice from the windows. It was only when we were set to go she said this door is not shutting properly. The poor girl heard my full range of expletives as I was baffled as what to do about it when I flippantly asked her how she felt about holding the door shut as I drove and she said she would. I drove off gently as she probably realised the full implications of what she had agreed to and held on for dear life. At the school she wanted to help but there was nothing to be done and I figured that either we had smashed the door mechanism or it was frozen and would defrost. A luggage strap and a bungy from the boot, held the door to the passenger seat and I drove off to pick up my regular car share and her daughter. They both sat safely in the back with straps criss-crossing in the front seat. By the time we had arrived at college the door had defrosted and worked perfectly. A very interesting experience.

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Anji said...

We take so much for granted. Glad you arrived safely.