Thursday, 9 December 2010


I have a mother who could be on her last legs. She is in so much pain and wanting to give up but she is holding on for our Boxing Day "do" and dear Mr Doris' special birthday outing the day after. Considering that she has misbehaved exceedingly badly at a very important recent event, the sort of unforgivable, over the top, bad behaviour because the world revolves entirely around her, she has alienated significant family members. But amazingly, those members can see the pain she is in and are prepared to let things go even though she is blaming them, and then on the other hand I am working hard beneath the surface delicately keeping the lines of communication open and diplomatically orchestrating what could be a wonderful reunion. Just yesterday I looked at the calender and realised it is only one more week at college and then one more week until Christmas and I've not bought a single present or sent a single card. Plus a family party or two to arrange, friends to stay and some travelling as well. Oh joy.


Anji said...

No doubt you will come through with panache as you always do.


Doris said...

Nothing like a reputation :-) x

Debbie K said...

I have every faith in you to do the right thing for your family.
Your heart is always in the right place.
Debbie x

Doris said...

Well I do try Debbie. x